TimechoDB v1.2 Released

TimechoDB v1.2 Released! This update introduces new features to TimechoDB, the enterprise version of Apache IoTDB, including Views, Full-Stack Monitor


Timecho Workbench v1.0.1.1 Released

Timecho Workbench v1.0.1.1 has been officially released today. This version is compatible with TimechoDB v0.13.4.1/v1.0.1.1 and Apache IoTDB v0.13.4/v


TimechoDB v0.13.4.1/v1.0.1.1 Released: New Audit Log Feature, Client Whitelist Control and More

TimechoDB v0.13.4.1/v1.0.1.1 version has been released! This version is compatible with Apache IoTDB v0.13.4 and v1.0.1, and includes updates to Timec


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Apache IoTDB, New Leader in Time Series Databases

On September 19th, the professional database performance testing platform, benchANT, released its latest time-series database ranking. Apache IoTDB emerged as the leader in various performance metrics.

Qing'an Energy Storage Deployed IoTDB

After testing and evaluating multiple time-series databases, Qing'an Energy has chosen IoTDB as the core component for time-series data access, storage, and querying in its energy storage cloud platform. IoTDB effectively supports low-latency query responses for multiple core query scenarios, achieves high-speed write performance, and provides ultra-high compression ratio, meeting the growing demand for managing massive time-series data.

Timecho is A New Partner in Bosch Rexroth's ctrlX World!

Timecho, founded by the creators of Apache IoTDB, has become a new partner of Bosch Rexroth in the automation ecosystem crtlX World. Industrial users will soon be able to benefit from Timecho's time series solutions.