Time Series Database for IoT

Founded by the initiators of Apache IoTDB, an international top level open source project at the Apache Software Foundation, Timecho delivers IoT-native time-series solutions with high throughput, high compression, and high availability, helping industrial users address the challenges of data storage, retrieval, and utilization. We are dedicated to empowering companies to leverage the value of their data with higher reliability at lower cost.

  • 10+

    Over 10 years of accumulated R&D experience and industrial knowhow

  • 30+

    Over 30 invention patents in time series data management

  • 50+

    Serving clients from more than 50 countries/regions

  • 1000+

    Serving 1000+ industrial enterprises of all sizes



  • The team came across the scenario in Sany Group
  • Noticing the shortage of traditional DBMS


  • Initiation of IoTDB
  • Design of TsFile
  • From prototype to software product


Open Source
  • Entering Apache Incubator
  • Attracting global developers
  • Worldwide collaboration


  • Promotion to top-level project (TLP) in ASF
  • Active global open source community


  • Timecho was founded
  • New clustered architecture
  • Significant improvement of performance


Continuous Optimization
  • Release of distributed version V1.0
  • Over $10 million first fund
  • IoTDB Summit

Innovative Technology and Brand Achievements

Fast growing, high potential, committed to technological innovation

2023 ifenxi Database Best Practises

2023 CAICT Reliable and Performant Database Awards

2022 CAC Open Source Innovation Competition First Prize

2022 Outstanding OSS Innovation Awards of COSCL

2022 CAICT Reliable Database Awards

2022 Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise

2022 Deloitte Rising Star of Technology

2022 InfoQ Brand of Cutting-Edge Technology

2022 SegmentFault Cutting-Edge Tech-Pioneer Enterprise

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Embark on a journey with Timecho and help unleash the 'echo' of time through our database products

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    Simple and Perfect

  • Open Source

    Open for Mutual Success

  • Growth

    Never stop growing

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    Trust, Ownership, Honesty

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    Value Every Client

Please send your resume to with the subject format as "[Name - Position Applied]". We look forward to having you on our team!

Frontend Development Engineer

  • 1-3 yrs
  • Bachelor


  • Responsibilities:
    • 1. Lead front-end development of our real-time database visualization interface: IoTDB-Workbench, ensuring code quality and product progress.
    • 2. 3. Design and implement data interaction between front-end and back-end.
    • 3. Develop a unified and optimized WEB interface.
    • 4. Optimize product for compatibility, version updates, and maintenance.
  • Requirements:
    • 1. Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science or related field, with 1-2 years of front-end development experience.
    • 2. In-depth knowledge and experience with Vue (2.0/3.0).
    • 3. Proficiency in front-end technologies like JS, HTML, CSS, and related standards.
    • 4. Independent task handling, debugging, problem-solving.
    • 5. Strong team-player, adaptabe, not afraid to take the initiative.

Database Core Test Engineer

  • 1-3 yrs
  • Bachelor
  • Java
  • Automated Testing


  • Responsibilities:
    • 1. Design, validate, and deliver testing for time-series database products, ensuring high-quality releases.
    • 2. Develop and design test architecture for IoTDB services, enabling automated testing.
    • 3. Conduct performance, reliability, security, and custom testing.
    • 4. Engage in end-to-end testing process, including requirements analysis, test planning, case design, execution, defect tracking, and more.
    • 5. Develop test tools, frameworks, business audit, monitoring functions, stability, and analysis tools.
  • Requirements:
    • 1. Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science or related field.
    • 2. Proficiency in at least one backend language, preferably Java.
    • 3. Professional testing experience in performance, security, white-box testing preferred.
    • 4. Familiarity with databases and Linux.
    • 5. Proficient in testing processes, tools, and automation.
    • 6. Strong team-player, adaptabe, not afraid to take the initiative.

Java Development Engineer

  • 1-2 yrs
  • Bachelor
  • SQL


  • Responsibilities:
    • 1. Backend design and development of real-time database visualization interface IoTDB-Workbench.
    • 2. Version updates, maintenance, compatibility optimization.
  • Requirements:
    • 1. Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science or related field, with 1-2 years of backend development experience.
    • 2. Strong Java and object-oriented development skills.
    • 3. Proficiency in SQL, Oracle, MySQL, time-series databases, and Spring framework.
    • 4. Familiarity with SpringMVC, SpringBoot, RESTful development.
    • 5. Version control, Git, Maven, open-source project experience.
    • 6. Independent task handling, debugging, problem-solving.
    • 7. Strong team-player, adaptabe, not afraid to take the initiative.

Social Media Operator

  • 1 yr+
  • Bachelor


  • Responsibilities:
    • 1. Develop content and strategies for social media platforms.
    • 2. Monitor and analyze promotion effectiveness, increase user engagement and followers.
    • 3. Execute interactive activities, track results, analyze data.
    • 4. Photography, news collection, editing, video production.
  • Requirements:
    • 1. Bachelor's degree or higher.
    • 2. 1+ year work experience, tech industry knowledge a plus.
    • 3. Strong writing, communication skills.

Page Designer

  • 1 yr+
  • Photoshop


  • Responsibilities:
    • 1. Proficient in graphic design and brand visual identity.
    • 2. Execute visual content, creative posters, videos, H5 designs.
    • 3. Independent thinking, communication, teamwork.
    • 4. Familiarity with offline event execution.
  • Requirements:
    • 1. Preferably graduate from art school, visual design.
    • 2. 1+ year work experience, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, video editing.
    • 3. Creativity, team-player, able to take responsibility.

Solution Architect

  • Bachelor
  • 5 yrs+


  • Responsibilities:
    • 1. Design and consult on top-level smart platform solutions.
    • 2. Understand client needs, convert opportunities into projects.
    • 3. Optimize company products, provide feedback, assist in upgrades.
    • 4. Strong technical background, presentation skills.
  • Requirements:
    • 1. Bachelor's degree or higher in electrical engineering, automation, computer science.
    • 2. 5+ years of pre-sales consulting and technical support experience.
    • 3. Knowledge of industrial IoT, communication protocols, industrial IT systems, databases, data integration.
    • 4. Strong communication skills, team-player, leadership personality.

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