2022 Apache IoTDB & IoT Ecosystem Summit

December 3-4, 2022 (GMT+08:00)


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General Assembly Agenda

  • Main Forum December 3, 2022 9:30 - 11:50 (GMT+08:00)
    • Keynote: Time Series Database for Internet of Everything

      Jiong Zhou Vice President of JD.com, Head of loT Division

    • Apache IoTDB V1.0 for Industrial IoT

      Xiangdong Huang Apache IoTDB PMC Chair

    • Case Sharing: Industrial Time Series Database - Apache IoTDB in the Nuclear Power Industry

      Xujia Liu Head of Digital Innovation Center of CNNP

    • Case Sharing: Application of Apache IoTDB in State Grid

      Ke Xie General Manager of State Grid Information & Telecommunication Group

    • Application of Apache IoTDB for Multi-level Data Syncing of Industrial Data from A German Automotive OEM

      Dr. Julian Feinauer CEO of pragmatic industries GmbH

  • Subforum A Apache IoTDB Core Technology December 3, 2022 14:00 - 16:30 (GMT+08:00)
    • Apache IoTDB's New Standalone & Cluster Architecture for Embedded-Edge-Cloud Data Sync

      Jialin Qiao Apache IoTDB PMC

    • Scalability and Storage-Compute Separation of Apache IoTDB

      Gaofei Cao Senior Software Engineer at Timecho, Apache IoTDB PMC

    • Time Series Database Consensus Protocol Optimized for IoT Scenarios

      Jinrui Zhang Senior Software Engineer at Timecho, Apache IoTDB PMC

    • Large-Scale Parallel Processing and Edge Computing in Apache IoTDB

      Yuan Tian Senior Software Engineer at Timecho, Apache IoTDB PMC

    • Apache IoTDB's Innovative Storage Engine for Sequential and Disordered Time Series Data Separation: IoTLSM

      Haonan Hou Senior Software Engineer at Timecho, Apache IoTDB PMC

  • Subforum B IoT Solutions December 4, 2022 9:30 - 12:00 (GMT+08:00)
    • Apache IoTDB for Internet of Everything at JD.com

      Gang Liu IoT Technology Leader of JD.com

    • Developing a Cloud System with Apache IoTDB at AVICAS Generic

      Chuang Wang Senior Engineer at AVICAS Generic

    • Managing Data from Millions of Connected Cars with Apache IoTDB

      Li Huang IT Supervisor at Changan Automobile Research Institute

    • How Apache IoTDB Optimized the O&M at Baowu Steel

      Shaofeng Xu Chief Engineer at Baowu IEM

    • MCC IIoT Platform and CISDigital-TimeS (Based on Apache IoTDB) in Process Manufacturing Industry

      Qiang Zheng Senior Architect at MCC

  • Subforum C IoT Ecosystem December 4, 2022 14:00 - 16:30 (GMT+08:00)
    • Timecho's Commercial Offering based on Apache IoTDB

      Hai Liu Head of R&D Department at Timecho

    • Yonyou's Practice in the Application and Ecosystem Development of Apache IoTDB

      Guanfei Guo Head of High-Performance Multidimensional Data Engine and Time Series Database at Yonyou

    • BONC Products based on Apache IoTDB

      Chao Wang Head of Distributed Database Division at BONC, Apache loTDB PMC

    • Apache IoTDB on Huawei Cloud

      Chao Wang R&D Manager of Huawei Cloud MRS-TSDB, Apache loTDB Committer

    • Solutions with MaxCompute, a Big Data Computing Platform based on Apache IoTDB

      Jian Bai Alibaba-Cloud Expert, Apache loTDB Committer