Timecho Workbench v1.0.1.1 Released

Timecho Workbench v1.0.1.1 has been officially released today. This version is compatible with TimechoDB v0.13.4.1/v1.0.1.1 and Apache IoTDB v0.13.4/v1.0.1. It provides visual support for data/metadata management, user and role permission settings, and system monitoring queries for TimechoDB and Apache IoTDB.

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Introduction to Timecho Workbench

Timecho Workbench is a graphical database management tool designed specifically for TimechoDB and Apache IoTDB. It supports the creation of multiple connections and offers visual and management capabilities for metadata, as well as visual operations for data manipulation (CRUD) and dynamic control of permissions. It enables database administrators (DBAs) to efficiently showcase and edit their time-series data management achievements in TimechoDB and Apache IoTDB, thus achieving visualized time-series data management. (The image below shows the login page of Timecho Workbench.)

The diagram below shows the main functional modules of Timecho Workbench, which currently include Database Management, Monitoring Management, Operation Logs, and Data Dashboards. With its user-friendly and visually-rich interface design, Timecho Workbench not only meets the needs of professional developers for editing and querying time-series databases, but also provides a beginner-friendly experience for users new to visualization tools, making it accessible to users with different technical backgrounds.

Highlights of Timecho Workbench

Feature 1: Visual Management of Data and Metadata

The Database Management module of Timecho Workbench allows visual management of data/metadata storage and management features in TimechoDB and Apache IoTDB. It supports visual creation, editing, deletion, and viewing of storage groups, devices, time series, and physical quantities within the time-series data architecture of TimechoDB and Apache IoTDB. It also facilitates batch data import/export with multidimensional filtering options (e.g., filtering by name, tags, and time range).

Feature 2: Visual Management of Users/Roles and Permissions

To address common requirements for setting multiple roles and configuring different permissions in data management scenarios, the Database Management module of Timecho Workbench provides visual management of users and roles in TimechoDB and Apache IoTDB. It enables easy creation and viewing of users and roles, and allows the setting or modification of corresponding data management permissions (e.g., CRUD operations) and permission management permissions (e.g., creation/deletion of users and roles, granting/revoking permissions).

Feature 3: Visual Monitoring and Management of Systems

The Monitoring Management module of Timecho Workbench caters to real-time monitoring needs related to database resource usage, server connection information, and historical database operations. It supports real-time querying of relevant monitoring metrics (e.g., CPU usage, memory usage, storage usage) in TimechoDB and Apache IoTDB, as well as displaying client-user and server connection information and audit logs (available only in TimechoDB version). This enables users to ensure the stable operation of TimechoDB and Apache IoTDB in real time.

Feature 4: Operation Log Recording

To address concerns and ensure data security and operational compliance, Timecho Workbench includes an Operation Logs module that records all user actions within the Workbench. It supports filtering and querying of logs based on various criteria such as IP, user, and time range. This feature allows users to track historical operations and their details, facilitating standardized operations and ensuring information security under effective permission settings.

More Features of Timecho Workbench

In addition to the highlighted features mentioned above, Timecho Workbench also supports time-series data visualization features such as data modeling, data trends, and data dashboards. It seamlessly integrates with third-party charting tools like Grafana, enabling users to visualize and analyze time-series data using various types of charts.

Furthermore, Timecho Workbench provides time-series data cluster management features for TimechoDB and Apache IoTDB, including node and partition management. It is also compatible with TimechoDB's Active-Active version, allowing users to quickly establish a distributed, dual-active architecture for managing large-scale data structures in a globally visualized manner.

Timecho Workbench's exclusive visual features for TimechoDB include data permission preview, whitelist management, topology management, dual-active version adaptation, data trends, primary-secondary queries, and audit logs. These features are designed to meet the practical needs of enterprises using time-series databases, ensuring efficient data management and data security.

About Timecho

Founded by the creators of Apache IoTDB, an international top level open source project, Timecho delivers IoT-native time-series solutions with high throughput, high compression, and high availability, assisting industrial users in addressing the challenges of data storage, retrieval, and utilization. We are dedicated to empowering companies to leverage the value of their data with higher reliability at lower cost.

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