Professor Chandrasekaran Mohan and Professor Jianmin Wang Visited Timecho Beijing

Recently, two esteemed guests visited our office in Beijing: Professor Chandrasekaran Mohan and Professor Jianmin Wang. Both professors provided significant guidance for the development of Apache IoTDB, an open-source database management system designed for time-series data management in the IoT. They had in-depth discussions with our R&D team and offered further guidance regarding the development of IoTDB.

Prof. Mohan is an elected member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, a Foreign Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, an IBM Fellow, and a Fellow of ACM and IEEE. In June 2020, he retired from IBM Almaden Research Center. Currently, he serves as an esteemed visiting professor at Tsinghua University and a distinguished professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. Professor Mohan is one of the pioneers in database and data management technology, and his research achievements have influenced many database products. He was the first IBM employee and non-U.S. citizen to receive the ACM SIGMOD Innovation Award, following in the footsteps of previous recipients Mike Stonebraker (1992), Jim Gray (1993), Phil Bernstein (1994), and David DeWitt (1995). He is also a recipient of the VLDB 10-Year Best Paper Award.

Prof. Wang is Dean of School of Software at Tsinghua University, Executive Director of National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Software, and Director of Beijing Key Laboratory of Industrial Big Data.

As IoTDB graduated as a top-level Apache project, Prof. Mohan commented, "IoTDB has attained Apache Top-Level project status at a time of confluence of database, IoT, and AI technologies in conjunction with a wider adoption of Industry 4.0 and automation approaches to further enable remote work and increased efficiencies." During his visit to Timecho, Prof. Mohan shared excellent ideas regarding IoTDB, drawing from his 40-year research career in database systems to analyze the numerous factors to consider in system design decisions. He emphasized that software system design always evolves from simplicity to complexity through continuous collision with real-world requirements, leading to maturity. Both professors highly appreciate IoTDB's system architecture, technological innovation, and extensive industrial applications.

We greatly appreciate the visit of these two esteemed professors! Our colleagues have gained valuable insights from the discussions, and we will continue to spare no effort in optimizing IoTDB for improved performance, enhanced functionality, and broader application scope.