Christofer Dutz, a Well-Known IT-OT Expert and Board Member of ASF, to Join Timecho!

Christofer Dutz's extensive background and experience in IT, OT, digitalization, and automation in production environments will significantly contribute to the value Timecho brings to its customers.

With a degree in computer science and over 15 years of diverse professional experience, including consulting for various clients and companies, Christofer possesses deep knowledge of modern IT solutions, strategies, and methods. His profound understanding of industrial controls (PLCs) and systems allows him to provide valuable insights at the intersection of IT and OT.

Christofer has worked with notable companies such as codecentric AG, Mapped, and Rivian in both Germany and the USA. His inclination towards exploring unconventional paths and passion for making new technologies accessible to the masses or combining established technologies in innovative ways sets him apart. Moreover, he dedicates a significant portion of his leisure time to contributing to various projects within the Apache Software Foundation.

Christofer's contributions to the open source community are remarkable. As an active Apache Member since 2015, he actively participates in community development, roadshows, and project contributions. Notably, he initiated and advanced the Apache PLC4X project to top-level project status, fostering a vibrant community. His role as an elected Director of the Apache Software Foundation involves supervising numerous top-level projects, providing guidance, ensuring sustainability, and upholding the foundation's principles. He has contributed to diverse projects such as Daffodil, Flex, Incubator, IoTDB, Mahout, PLC4X, StreamPipes, Wayang, among others. Additionally, he has been the lead developer for Flexmojos (Maven Plugin) since 2012 and has actively participated in projects like PMD, JBurg, Apache Cocoon/Maven/NPanday, and eXist.

Christofer's expertise and reputation have led him to be invited as a speaker at international conferences, where he shares his insights and knowledge with a broader audience. Throughout his career, he has consistently delivered successful projects, often surpassing expectations and developing more efficient solutions than established practices. Notably, he has devised a concept enabling companies to securely extract production data from high-security networks. He also holds the distinction of being the first person worldwide to "crack" the DeltaV protocol from Emerson.

Overall, Christofer Dutz's extensive skills, experience, and contributions to open source projects make him a valuable asset to Timecho. His expertise in IT, OT, digitalization, and automation, coupled with his commitment to open source principles, are expected to drive innovation, enhance R&D efforts, and deliver valuable solutions to Timecho's customers.